Ketamine And What It Can Do To You


Ketamine is known for its disassociate properties and it is used by vets and surgeons too. Some people don’t realize that this drug is kind of like PCP in that it can make you hallucinate, become delirious, and a number of other things. If this is something you want to get off of, then you’ve come to the right place.

If you take ketamine at all then you are going to be messing with your health probably. Since you don’t feel much pain on this drug, you could end up getting hurt which won’t phase you until you come down. If you take too much of this, then you may not be able to breathe right and it could damage your heart because it acts on those systems.

You can have trouble with urinating on this drug too. It can make the bladder act up and it can cause you pain if you try to urinate. If you have any mental health problems, then this drug can bring those to the surface as well. You may become confused, get depressed, or you may suffer from various panic attacks when you generally wouldn’t panic.

Since ketamine is so dangerous, it is a classified drug. This means that if you are caught with it, you will go to prison and may have to pay a fine too. You will have trouble making good decisions on this drug, so if you’re caught driving on it or anything like that you can expect to get some kind of legal action taken against you which could make it hard for you to get a job or anything of that nature.

Now you know that this drug isn’t something you should play around with. You could be killed by this drug if you’re not careful. You need to get help and you should always make sure you don’t mix this drug with other drugs. Get yourself to a drug therapy counselor or go to inpatient treatment as soon as possible.


Overcoming An Addiction To Pain Meds


If you think you may be addicted to one of the many opioids and morphine derivatives in the pharmaceutical marketplace, such as codeine or methadone, the best thing to do would be to contact a specialist drug addiction rehab facility. In general it is best to opt for a local facility if possible.

Whilst it is possible to get over an addiction to narcotics without professional intervention, it is also incredibly difficult. The symptoms of narcotic withdrawal can be very painful, serious and dangerous, so experiencing those symptoms without professional supervision is often very foolish. There are now some very good drug rehab facilities in this country and it would be stupid not to take advantage of such facilities.

Unfortunately, however, not everybody can afford to pay for an extended rehab stay and there are very few government funded drug rehabilitation programs available, so you may find yourself having to overcome an addiction to pain meds without any professional help. If this is the case, you should always try to decrease your daily dose of narcotics gradually in order to minimize withdrawal symptoms.

One of the most common over the counter narcotics that people become addicted to is Tylenol with Codeine, which is called co-codamol in the UK.  Furthermore, in the UK it is possible buy co-codamol over-the-counter without a doctor’s prescription, which means that it is an incredible easy and cheap narcotic to get.

Many people who are addicted to narcotics do not even realize that they have a drug problem, as they believe that they are only taking narcotics because they are in pain. However, in many cases, the pain experienced when a narcotics addict does not take narcotics is actually withdrawal pain as opposed to real physical pain that requires the use of pain relievers.

What Are The Hallucinogens Known As Psilocybin, Magic Mushrooms, Or Shrooms

140375130Mankind has known about the Psilocybin mushroom since prehistoric times. In modern America, these so-called Magic Mushrooms or Shrooms are usually used recreationally due to the psychedelic effects they create. In many cultures, these mushrooms are used in religious rituals and their use is not taken lightly.

There are several species of mushrooms which contain the active ingredient known as psilocybin. They generally are gilled with dark spores and grow naturally in both subtropical and tropical regions. The species is found world-wide but most varieties can be found in humid subtropical forests rich in plant debris and humus.

Once the mushroom has been consumed, the psilocybin within it is broken down to psilocin which creates the psychedelic effects. This chemical is well tolerated by the body. Therefore, if mushrooms are frequently ingested, each succeeding psychedelic experience will be less powerful. Because the effects lessen, addiction to magic mushrooms does not occur.

Every individual will have a different experience when they ingest the shrooms. The mind can experience alterations of reality for three to eight hours depending upon how many mushrooms were consumed, how they were prepared, and what type of metabolism the consumer has. One of the effects of the psilocybin mushroom is the distortion of time, so the effects may seem to last much longer than they actually are.

Some users may experience intense anxiety and fear and may act out accordingly. These effects seem to occur when an individuals threshold has been exceeded. Most people experience an enhanced set of sensory stimuli. Auras and halos are not uncommon and surfaces seem to shimmer and morph. Hearing becomes increasingly acute and music may seem very profound.

Caution should be exercised when considering the consumption of psychedelic mushrooms. Cultures which utilize them for religious ceremonies take precautions and attend the user and are there afterwards to support and attend to the user. In modern cultures, this is not the case so it is best to be careful.

Want to learn more about hallucinogens, and what to do for a loved one that you suspect of taking these types of drugs?

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The Dangers Of Ketamine Abuse

146803987If one were to conduct research on the drug ketamine you would discover it is a type of anesthesia used by veterinarian to sedate large animals. Thus, one can only imagine the devastating effects it must have on the human brain and body if it’s used on a daily basis to knock out horses. As with many abused substances it can be detrimental to both the psychological and physical development of any user. This article discusses the details of what Ketamine is and the adverse affects it can cause.

Before one can examine the effects of a drug, you must understand what the drug is. As is aforementioned Ketamine is a sedative used by veterinarian in order to tranquilise large animals. When reviewed by medical practitioners and social workers it is placed in the category of hallucinogens. This means that Ketamine has the ability to cause hallucinations and delusions within an individual. Unfortunately, many users experience anxiety-inducing hallucinations and paranoid delusions.

Ketamine is usually presented in the form of a white powder which is sniffed or ingested orally. However, there is now a liquid form of this drug as well. Ketamine is generally taken in combination with other substances to achieve the ultimate ‘high’; these combos include marijuana and cocaine. Ketamine is also known as ‘Vitamin K’ or ‘Special K’.

The effects of Ketamine abuse are varied, but all seriously damaging to the abuser. As is mentioned the drug can cause hallucinations and delusions, however these are not the only psychological side effects. Some of the psychological and physical effects include amnesia, poor motor functioning, nausea, headaches, delirium and respiratory problems which can lead to death. Long term psychiatric problems are dementia, schizophrenia and mood disorders.

As can be seen, Ketamine is a dangerous and life-threatening drug. By doing some research one will note the devastating effects it can have both short and long-term.