The Evil Nature Of Methamphetamines

158672514It should go without saying that there are few drugs as insidious and dangerous as methamphetamines. This is a drug that turns a rational thinking person into nothing more than a walking zombie who has nothing to live for except finding their next fix. We have all seen the pictures of meth heads with scars and acne all over their body and a mouth full of rotten gums and disgusting teeth. One of the things that makes this drug so dangerous is that the addiction can set in so fast. The physical reaction of the drug and the resulting euphoria that it makes the use feel is extremely powerful. At the same time that the drug makes a person feel such immense pleasure, it destroys the ability of the person to naturally create those feelings without the aid of the drug.

Meth is dangerous on two different levels. At the cognitive level and at a physical one. From a physical perspective the side effects of this drug are terrible. Heart and brain damage are typically found in all meth users, but the damage can extend to all of the major organs in the body. Beyond this the drug makes it so that the natural healing capabilities of the body are slowed down and overtime destroyed. The end result is a person that has an extreme loss of weight, terrible scars and bruising, and disgusting acne that is full of puss.

From a cognitive perspective the person’s ability to rationally think is destroyed. They can no longer naturally make themselves feel any pleasure or joy. Paranoia, anxiety and other extremely negative emotions become the norm for a person on this drug when they are in between highs. A meth user lives for one thing and one thing only: Getting their next hit of meth.

The existence of a person on this drug is terrible and they need help as soon as possible because time is running out.