Is Your Child Abusing Ectasy?

186318141I remember my first rave: Are you rolling? That is what one chubby yet pretty face girl asked me as she sat on my lap. Rolling was code for using ecstasy. My answer was no because I have never done an illegal drug. She proceeded to try and attack my lips with over enthusiast ecstasy motivated kisses. I wasn’t interested and decided to walk around where I noticed to later be called “cuddle puddles.” These were ecstasy drugged kids who were seeking physical touch from the effects of ecstasy. Ecstasy makes everything feel good, it makes showering great and it makes rolling around kiss strangers feel orgasmic and it made the girl mentioned above force her way onto my lap. Ecstasy leaves your teen open to many experiences that he/she might not yet be ready for or shouldn’t be ready for. It can lead to pregnancy and STDs because it makes people seek pleasure more than anything else in the world.

Ecstasy was once used in marriage therapy and group therapy to help people open up and express themselves, it later became the party drug that we know today. In the history of ecstasy there has been plenty of rapes associated with it and some rapist try to spike drinks with it to weaken their victims desire to fight them off. Imagine if this was your son or daughter being used like a love sponge and without the will to say no. not so pretty.

As much as this article could be about drug rehab, I hope that parents walk way with some knowledge to help their kids say no and to help them be on the watch out for people trying to give it to them. We are living in dangerous times and we must be on a lookout for evil.


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