Abuse of Lysergic Acid Diethylamide

480389857Addiction is one of the most troubling issues around the world. People turn to substances to provide them with an alternative to reality when they lack the proper coping skills to deal with life. While alcohol and speed are often the most thought of products, there are many substances that a person can become addicted to.

Since the 1960’s, lysergic acid diethylamide, or LSD as it is more commonly known, has been providing just such an option for people. This hallucinogenic drug causes users to experience auditory and visual hallucinations. The person may become intensely distracted by everyday objects.

Many feel that it provides them with a heightened awareness and an increased spirituality. This often gives them an excuse to continue to indulge in the use of LSD. Unfortunately, those who are under the influence of acid cannot function normally in society. Because they see and hear an alternate reality, they are unable to work or interact very well with others.

This behavior can cause a host of problems for the user. Lost work and distance from family and friends can make life without being high lonely and unbearable. This sets up the destructive cycle for the addict to continue to use more LSD in order to cope.

When a person reaches this point, it is important that they seek help from a professional treatment center that has experience in handling substance abuse involving hallucinogens. They will have the tools necessary to help the addict learn to live without being under the influence of drugs.

If you or someone you love is caught up in this cycle, find a substance abuse treatment center near you today. You will find they are glad to help people break the addiction habit and develop strategies to live life clean.


From Powdered Cocaine to Crack, Easier Than You Think

cocaineMany people may dismiss crack as a lower tier drug, one that is used by the most hardened and desperate of addicts. Being a crack user or a “crackhead” is seen as scraping the bottom of the barrel and associated with those who live on the streets and have nothing left to lose.

But the reality is, that while stereotypical crack rock addict may be seen as a someone who has fallen very low in life, there are crack users and crack addicts who are nowhere near being down and out or people who live on the streets.

High profile cases of crack users such as D.C politician Marion Barry or Canadian politician Fob Ford have made for many spectacular headlines. They were once highly regarded men of great power who ironically had no power over their addiction to crack. But their crack use and the aftermath made headlines all over the world.

Many crack addicts may begin as cocaine users but powdered cocaine is largely seen as a party drug used by people with money to spare. But addiction to powdered cocaine can create an addict who has an larger addiction to feed and with less resources to support that addiction.

An affluent person or one with a one with a prestigious job may use cocaine recreationally but may soon find that they want a bigger high, a quicker high.

When that addiction interferes with their career or their family, their source of income may significantly diminish. The free-fall from a recreational cocaine user to a crack addict can happen quickly. Crack is even more addictive than powdered cocaine.

So if you are dealing with cocaine abuse, don’t ever look at a crack addict and think “that will never be me”. Sadly, a mindset like that is easily lost, along with money, respectable jobs, family and friends once addiction comes into the picture.

Basic Facts About Alcoholism And Addiction

Alcohol TreatmentWhen a person has an addiction to either drugs or alcohol, it is something that is obvious to most people. An alcoholic will often have problems functioning while they are drunk, and will be unable to function as well even when sober. Their ability to properly understand what people say, or even do their job at work, will be greatly compromised. The same can be said for individuals that are on certain medications that they become addicted to. This article will address some basic facts about alcoholism, and how you can help someone you know that is showing signs of alcoholism get the help that they need from a local alcohol abuse treatment center.

Signs Of Alcohol Abuse

There are a couple things that you will notice when you are watching someone that abuses alcohol regularly. If they haven’t had a drink in quite some time, they may become irritable, unable to physically function, and will certainly not have good mental acuity. When drunk, they continue to drink more, seemingly never having enough. Their behavior can also get out of control, either becoming excessively violent, or depressed, the more they drink. When you see these signs, it’s time to help this person out by finding an alcohol treatment center.

Finding An Alcohol Treatment Center

When a person is suffering from alcohol addiction, and are clearly interacting in a way with friends and family that shows signs of alcohol abuse, the first thing that you should do is try to find an alcohol abuse treatment center whenever you see signs of alcoholism in this person that you care about. The easiest way to locate these facilities is to search online, looking for treatment centers that focus solely upon those that abuse alcohol. The faster they are able to get help for their condition, the quicker they will recover both cognitively and physically.

Alcohol Addiction and Abuse can be Successfully Treated at Laguna Beach Recovery’s Ocean Front Rehab Facility in Laguna Beach:

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Are Barbiturates A Dangerous Drug?

Rehab Treatment

Barbiturates are a form of medication known as sedative-hypnotics, but they are also associated with drug abuse. Although modern drugs such as Amytal, Seconal, Phernobarbital and Nembutal are much safer than the forms which were available thirty years ago, you should still be aware of the risks which exist.

What Are Barbiturates Used For?

Barbiturates can be used for sleep disorders and anxiety. Less commonly, they may also be prescribed for preventing seizures or administered as an anesthetic. However, the drugs can cause dependency which leads some people to carry on taking them after the prescribed period. Barbiturates are also sometimes sold illegally on the streets, because some people enjoy the mellow feeling the medication produces. Some addicts who abuse drugs such as cocaine will also take barbiturates to counteract the burst of energy and hyperactivity.

What Are The Risks?

Even when taken for medical purposes, barbiturates are considered a high risk drug. Patients must be very careful to follow the instructions exactly as a few extra pills is enough to cause a lethal overdose. This fine line between the recommended dose and an overdose also makes them highly dangerous when the drug is used to get high, as without the supervision of a doctor many people overestimate what a safe level is.

Taking an excessive level of barbiturates will cause the breathing to slow down, and in the worst case scenario the respiratory system will fail. The medication makes the user feel fatigued, but it can lead to unconsciousness and coma in large doses. Some people may also be prone to seizures.

When a persons ceases the drug, they should do so under the guidance of a doctor. This is because the withdrawal symptoms can make a person feel extremely unwell. Speak to a medical professional to learn more.