Addiction to Sleeping Pills is a Serious Problem

Addiction to Sleeping PillsIt’s easy for people to develop an addiction to sleeping pills. People often develop this addiction unintentionally. Most people who take sleeping pills start out taking them because they want to get a good night’s sleep. Over time, they develop a dependence on these drugs that can turn into a dangerous addiction.

Even if people follow their doctor’s instructions to the letter, they can still become dependent on benzodiazepines. If you’ve been taking something like Ativan or Valium for more than a few months, you can experience severe withdrawal symptoms when you stop taking them.

Many doctors give out prescriptions to tranquilizers like Xanax with good intentions. In the beginning, they work well. People get the sleep and relaxation that they need. Both the patient and the doctor are pleased with the results, and the patient continues to take the drug and enjoy the benefits.

Prescribed Addiction

However, after extended use, the body becomes more and more dependent on these drugs. When people try to stop taking it, they are hit with severe side effects. This causes them to start taking the drug again immediately. Once you start taking benzodiazepines, it can be incredibly difficult to stop.

If you think you have an addiction to sleeping pills, it’s important that you stop taking the drug in a healthy way. When you suddenly stop taking a drug like this, it can be dangerous for your body. The symptoms can also be very hard to manage, which makes it hard not to turn back to the pills.

If you think you’re addicted to benzodiazepines, talk to your doctor about a withdrawal plan. It won’t be easy, but it can be done. Many people have overcome their addiction to drugs like Xanax and Ativan. You can do the same.


How Does a Cocaine Substance Abuse Problem Effect an Abuser’s Health?


Cocaine, also referred to as “Blow” is a highly addictive and expensive narcotic. It’s often thought of as a drug used by people who have a lot of money, but in reality anyone can become addicted even after only trying it once. The drug can cause severe physical and mental health problems.

Although cocaine is not as addictive as crack cocaine, it still has many of the same consequences. Even people who don’t use cocaine on a regular basis run the risk of death from overdose and other problems the drug causes. Some vital organs affected by cocaine include the heart, brain, and lungs.

Blow impacts the heart due to the immediate adrenaline rush it gives to users. This can lead to heart attacks no matter how old the abuser is. It has also been known to cause arrhythmia, a deadly condition that can kill without warning.

In the brain, cocaine causes the blood vessels to thin, making it difficult for blood to flow through vital areas. This can lead to strokes and seizures. It can also cause abnormal activity in the brain that can cause sudden outbursts and other types of violent mood problems.

It also causes damage to the respiratory system. Because the most common form of ingesting cocaine is snorting it, it can cause damage to the sinuses, which affects the lungs and can cause them permanent damage. Blow also causes damage to other vital organs including the digestive system and kidneys.

Cocaine addiction can be treated in a variety of ways. Once an abuser of cocaine recognizes that they have a problem help is available via rehabilitation centers and support groups. Cocaine is very dangerous, and it’s best to treat the problem before irreversible damage is done both mentally and physically.

Are You Addicted To Marijuana?

166158113Known as being the most widely used drug in the United States, the chances are very good that you or someone that you know has tried marijuana at least once in their lifetime. If you happen to be someone that smokes pot regularly, it may become difficult to tell whether or not you have developed a dependency or problem. Believe it or not, while this is a drug that is nature based instead of chemical based, there are many individuals who will develop a level of addiction. Understanding the signs and symptoms of drug abuse with weed will help you to determine whether or not you have a problem.

The element found in pot that provides the mind altering effect is known as THS. This is a strong substance that can pass very rapidly throughout the lungs of the smoker and into their bloodstream. From there, the THC is then transferred to the organs and to the brain. There have been a wide variety of studies that have gone one over the years that have shown that many people will start to develop an addiction if they have more cannabinoid receptors in their brain than other people.

Some marijuana abusers will start to develop issues when it comes to memory, being able to concentrate, controlling their coordination and more. In some cases, a patient who smokes one or more joints per day will start to lose their long term memory or could even develop a distorted perception of reality or even have a difficult time making decisions.

If you or anyone that you know seems to have developed an issue with marijuana use, it is important that drug abuse counseling is sought out. With the right treatment, an addiction to weed can be helped so that a life can be lived healthier and happier.

Trouble With Alcohol Abuse?

499401567Being an alcoholic is one of the most common addictions suffered in America today. It’s maybe only seconded by smoking. The trouble is, it puts your body at risk just as much. For some people, it can seem almost impossible to quite.

Don’t worry though, because there’s hope out there for everyone. You just need to find the right resources. Sometimes understand what can happen to your body if you don’t quite can be an inspiration.

Liver failure is a common consequence of alcohol poisoning. You don’t have to drink a lot to damage your liver. A lot of people damage their liver by drinking in small amounts over time. Also, some people don’t realize that other medications they are on also effect their liver.

This causes their liver to work a little harder then it can, which gives it the impression that it’s time to give up. Alcohol also seems to age people. Have you seen Lindsay Lohan? She’s aged dramatically over the last few years. Some of that is due to the cocaine she abuses, but that’s not the only thing messing with her skin.

Alcohol is a poison that’s slowly eating away at her as well. If you’d like to look young for longer, you need to kick this drinking habit. There are rehab centers that will take alcoholics who are looking to get better. You might be more comfortable as an outpatient though.

AA can work for some people, but there are also rehabilitation groups that are non-religious. I hope you decide to get sober. It all starts with a strong commitment. For a lot of people, it helps to quite for somebody. Is there anyone you’d give up the sauce for? Just imagine how much it would hurt them if you lost your life to alcohol.

A Dangerous Addition To Methamphetamines

152971494It goes without saying that there is a growing problem with methamphetamines all over the United States. Also known as crystal, crank or meth, this is a dangerous drug that is easy to become addicted to. Not only is it able to be manufactured in an easy and cheap manner, but it is widely distributed along all sorts of different age groups and cultural backgrounds. Because the drug is so powerful and addictive, there are some users who will fall into a pattern of addiction after the first time that they try it. Without the proper intervention or detoxification, it can be very difficult to deal with or even get over such an addiction.

As with any form of substance abuse, an addiction to meth comes with a lot of different symptoms as well as possible negative side effects. Methamphetamines produce a state of euphoria, give off energy, possibly increase libido and some say that it is able to help them with concentration. However, this is also a substance that can lead to major health problems such as convulsions, stroke, cardiac arrest and even untimely death. When it comes to physical side effects or symptoms, you will usually notice;

  • dry mouth
  • blurred vision
  • palpitations, dizziness
  • dilated pupils and much more

Once you or someone that you know has become involved in the dangerous world of meth, it is going to be important that professional help is sought out. The withdrawal period from methamphetamines can be filled with pain and stress and the side effects can be alarming once a person stops using the drug. The guidance of a medical professional or treatment specialist is the best way to try and get over an addiction to meth or similar drugs. Once you take the necessary steps towards rehabilitation, you will hopefully be on a path for a safer and healthier life.