Relationships, Romance, & Love: The Truth About Love Addiction Treatment

Although love addiction is a a real addiction and is even a recognized addiction type in the fields of addiction and mental health. Many people truly do not understand what love addiction is, or view it as not a true form of addiction.  This addiction is one of the most misunderstood addictions of them all.  Many people tend to view it as a sex addiction, though it is an entirely different form of addiction.  To understand love addiction, there are five essential points one must be aware of.

The Process

The first point is that love addiction is a process and occurs over time.  This means that the addiction requires a psychological and physiological process to from the addiction, rather than a substance, as in drug or alcohol addiction.  Process type addictions are often discredited by many, due to the simple fact that there is not a chemical involved.  However, addictions that take place through a process, such as a love addition, are just as valid as chemical addiction.

What Is Love Addiction

Second, love addiction involves obsession and preoccupation.  In the scenario of a love addiction, the addict creates who they want their love target to be.  They do not rely on the reality of who someone really is.  The addict is compulsively obsessed with who they think the person is and their affections.

Childhood Roots

The third thing to remember about love addiction is that it has roots in the addict’s childhood.  Most addicts have suffered some kind of physical or sexual abuse during childhood.  Many have experienced rejection or abandonment by a care giver, causing deep wounds which lead to love addiction.  Love addicts are unable to see reality and live in the fantasy world, as they are insecure in their identities and their close relationships.

The Sabotage

Fourthly, love addicts further sabotage themselves by having a tendency to set their love attractions to love avoidants.  This means they search out a partner who is not emotionally available.  This leads to a viscous cycle of the love addict chasing their emotionally closed off love interest and being rejected.

There Is Help

Finally, it is important to know that recovery from love addiction is possible with the right help.  Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous (SLAA) exists to help people address their issues in this area with a 12-step program involving sponsors.  Professional support is also available.

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