What Is Flakka Drug?

Flakka is a relatively new drug whose use has become rampant in Ohio, Texas and Florida. This drug is made of cathinone, and its effects resemble those of strong stimulants like crystal meth and hallucinogens. Flakka has derived its name from the euphoric effects it triggers in its users, causing people to experience a great sense of well being just as the assumed charm that the Hispanic and Spanish-related word for beautiful women imply. The hallucinogenic effects of bath salts, an extreme increase in body temperature and an energy surge comprise some of the effects that Flakka users experience.

Drug publicity

Flakka has become quite popular within a very short period. A few of its victims have been arrested in the last few weeks as they stripped, run amock, tried breaking a police station door and endangered their lives. As much as the side effects of this drug are alarming, the drug is so new that it is yet to get an official name or even get banned by authorities. It is said that Flakka’s effects last for only a short duration (about four hours), but that its withdrawal symptoms and hangover kick in as soon as the effects of the drug start wearing off.

Modes of ingestion and their implication

Flakka users can ingest this drug through various modes. It can be snorted (inhaled), smoked, swallowed or even injected directly into the blood stream. The intensity of this drug’s effects, as well as their commencement after ingestion depend on the ingested quantity, as well as the mode of ingestion. Snorting and injecting Flakka delivers the drug into the blood stream faster than swallowing or smoking, and, as a result, the effects of the drug are experienced almost instantly.

The new stimulant-hallucinogenic drug, Flakka, is taking parts of the US by storm. Users have been said to experience immense strength, body temperatures that get as high as 105 degrees, and paranoia. The biggest worries concerning this drug are that its effects are extremely intense, causing users to endanger themselves, and lack of medical attention, when the effects wear off, can result in the instant death of a user.

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4 thoughts on “What Is Flakka Drug?

  1. A friend of my son’s did some and said he was so high he didn’t even want to be high anymore. And this kid is a VERY heavy drug user. He was a total wreck after, but he was okay. For him to have that reaction told me all I ever needed to know about that drug.

  2. Again this stirs interest and is a pleasure to read what info you write in relation to health.
    Thank you for liking my comment as they are generally from the heart.

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