Social Anxiety and Drug Use


Many people resort to drugs to break out of their shell or prove some kind of point to society. Over the years, researchers and therapists have established a link between social anxiety and drug use. In theory, initial drug use may be completely unrelated to social anxiety. This proposition could lead into better methods of treatment.

Need to Fit in

One of the basic emotional needs is acceptance; people need to feel loved and accepted by others. If this desire is unfulfilled, it could lead to anxiety and drug use. A study conducted on about 200 adolescent who had sought addiction treatment identified issues with fitting in. The teens seemed to respond well to activities which alleviated social anxiety.

About half of them experienced some sort of social anxiety, with about 15% showing a disorder. The latter were noted to have started exhibiting symptoms of the disorder about two years before they began to use drugs. The study stated that the participants used alcohol and drugs because they provided an outlet to release anxiety. Using these substances helped them take their minds of worries about not fitting in.

After sobering up, the anxiety returned, thus causing the teens to return to using alcohol and drugs. This trend continued and matured into addition. Treating anxiety could thus be an effective solution.

Further Analysis

The next part of the study involved teens who attended AA meetings. It was observed that this particular group made a better recovery after they were treated. The likelihood of relapsing after completing treatment among them was about 50% less.

Social activities were found to be beneficial for young people experiencing social anxiety. In addition to reducing worries about fitting in, it encouraged them to be more friendly, welcoming and outgoing. This goes to restoring a sense of belonging and self-confidence.


The study revealed that those who didn’t show up for meetings stood a higher chance of relapsing. It would thus be helpful for drug and substance abusers to not only show up for meetings, but also be actively involved. The risk of relapse is usually higher within the first 6 months of completing treatment.

Teens should be observed to see if they’re socially anxious. Involving youths prone to addition in activities that deal with the symptoms reduces the likelihood of them resorting to drugs. Those already suffering from addiction due to social anxiety are advised to seek immediate treatment.

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Relationships, Romance, & Love: The Truth About Love Addiction Treatment

Although love addiction is a a real addiction and is even a recognized addiction type in the fields of addiction and mental health. Many people truly do not understand what love addiction is, or view it as not a true form of addiction.  This addiction is one of the most misunderstood addictions of them all.  Many people tend to view it as a sex addiction, though it is an entirely different form of addiction.  To understand love addiction, there are five essential points one must be aware of.

The Process

The first point is that love addiction is a process and occurs over time.  This means that the addiction requires a psychological and physiological process to from the addiction, rather than a substance, as in drug or alcohol addiction.  Process type addictions are often discredited by many, due to the simple fact that there is not a chemical involved.  However, addictions that take place through a process, such as a love addition, are just as valid as chemical addiction.

What Is Love Addiction

Second, love addiction involves obsession and preoccupation.  In the scenario of a love addiction, the addict creates who they want their love target to be.  They do not rely on the reality of who someone really is.  The addict is compulsively obsessed with who they think the person is and their affections.

Childhood Roots

The third thing to remember about love addiction is that it has roots in the addict’s childhood.  Most addicts have suffered some kind of physical or sexual abuse during childhood.  Many have experienced rejection or abandonment by a care giver, causing deep wounds which lead to love addiction.  Love addicts are unable to see reality and live in the fantasy world, as they are insecure in their identities and their close relationships.

The Sabotage

Fourthly, love addicts further sabotage themselves by having a tendency to set their love attractions to love avoidants.  This means they search out a partner who is not emotionally available.  This leads to a viscous cycle of the love addict chasing their emotionally closed off love interest and being rejected.

There Is Help

Finally, it is important to know that recovery from love addiction is possible with the right help.  Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous (SLAA) exists to help people address their issues in this area with a 12-step program involving sponsors.  Professional support is also available.

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If You Are Addicted To Ecstasy – Get Help Now!

478720553Ecstasy has now become the drug of choice for many people and is enjoying a lot of popularity all over the world. However, the addiction to this drug can cause many problems, and the following article is here to address those concerns.

Due the feel-good nature ecstasy it can really make the use think they are experiencing euphoric sensations that will last forever. The drug tricks your brain into feeling real good about yourself and who you are with. This alters your brain chemistry and eventually if you do too much of it, things can go bad really fast. When a user does too much ecstasy the chemicals in your brain get altered and this can cause severe depression in the user. When they are coming down off the drug it can present real problems.

If you are addicted to this drug you need to seek help immediately. The longer you wait, the more depressed you will feel if you keep taking the drug. If you fall into a deep depression it becomes harder and harder to seek help and that’s when really bad things occur. Do not be ashamed to tell your doctor that you need help. Now is the best time to start turning your life around, and the first step in that is asking for help. A doctor is trained to understand addiction and can point you to the nearest rehabilitation facility which is what you really need.

Once you get addicted to ecstasy it can cause your mind to do funny things. the best way to avoid having drug problems is to stay away from them entirely. Yes it is easier said then done, but it is much better than winding up in a rehab for facility or even worse, something like death can occur. Take the advice from the above article to go seek help for your ecstasy addiction right away before its too late.

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Tackle Your Insomnia With This Great Advice

What can you do to sleep better? Is there something that works for everyone? What is the one trick I don’t know keeping me from a full night of sleep? Yes, there are great tricks for getting better sleep, and many follow below.

If you are experiencing insomnia, exercise more during the day. It is well known that exercising balances your metabolism, regulates hormone levels and tires you out so you can sleep. Exercise more to sleep better.

Sleep however long it takes to feel fully rested. Avoid trying to sleep for a longer time to compensate for lost sleep or sleep that you expect to lose. Just sleep until you are rested, and do this every night. Do not bank hours or avoid doing it some days.

Firm mattresses can help with insomnia. A too-soft mattress does not provide enough support for your body. It may exacerbate an already existing problem. When you invest in a firmer mattress, you may just be investing in the relief of your problems.

Creating a sleep-inducing routine is useful for coping with insomnia. Rituals tell your brain and body that it is time for bed. You will start to feel drowsy while you go through this routine which makes it easier to sleep.

If you just aren’t feeling tired, falling asleep is harder. If your job is sedentary in nature, take regular breaks during which you move around a bit. Starting each morning with a brisk walk or jog goes a long way toward achieving a good night’s rest.

You may find that one or a combination of things mentioned here are needed for your specific situation. You can even try them all if you like. The best thing you can do is to continue researching the subject to build off the wisdom you acquired here.

How to Cope With a Family Member’s Drug Addiction

When a family member abuses alcohol or drugs, it affects everybody in their life.  Addiction contributes to emotional, psychological and financial problems.  For this reason, concerned relatives should try to get their family member help.

Learn About Addiction and Alcohol Abuse

The first step of helping someone with an addiction is to learn about addictions and treatment methods.  This can be done by looking at addiction websites.  Ideally, web surfers will visit sites that have a medical bias.

It is important to be aware that there is a lot of misinformation on the internet.  This is why finding a reputable website is crucial.

Recognize the Signs of Addiction

Sometimes innocent people are accused of drug addiction.  To avoid making a mistake, it is important that family members learn to recognize the signs of addiction.  Having this information will allow them to assess whether or not their loved one is abusing drugs and/or alcohol.

Once it has been confirmed that addiction is a problem, an intervention should be held.  This is when family members get together and inform the addict that they need help.  In many cases, being confronted is enough to make a person realize that they need treatment.

The best treatment method is to enroll in an in-patient facility.  These facilities provide the following services.

–  Detox.
–  Some centers have doctors and nurses on hand at all times.
–  Group and individual therapy.
–  Classes on how to avoid future relapses.

The downside of using an in-patient treatment center is the cost.  Those who cannot afford this treatment should look into loans or government assistance.  While there are cheaper treatment methods out there, they are not as effective.  Some of these treatment methods include out-patient facilities, narcotics anonymous and the infamous alcoholics anonymous.

Drug Rehabilitation The Easy Way

the 12 step program

Drug abuse is a problem that affects members of every community either directly or indirectly. This is why measures have been put in place to make certain that the problem is controlled. All drug addicts are advised to visit appropriate rehabilitation centers for treatment. The 12 step program is one method that has been very successful in assisting addicts come back to their normal life.

The process of rehabilitation needs total commitment, desire to change and support. The support may be in terms of monetary or encouragement by loved ones. In Texas, individuals are now advantaged to access treatment in a more stress-free manner. Thanks to the Texas drug treatment insurance that enables addicts to access treatment at pocket- friendly costs. For one to gain maximum support, he/she has to understand the insurance policy details before making any commitment.

Visiting a Texas rehab that accepts insurance will help you take advantage of all the possible resources appropriate for your recovery. Drug treatment, drug detox and alcohol detox are some of the major assistance that many addicts require in order to live a healthy life. The 12 steps to recovery offer an approach that greatly contributes to the well-being of any addict.

Safeguarding your health or that of a loved one is something of substance. The struggle to free yourself from the bondage of drug can be finally over when you seek help. It all starts by accepting that you need help in beating your constant craving for a particular substance. Your pathway to recovery is now open since you can access top treatment using your insurance.

Rehabilitation centers in Texas are all managed by professionals. Detoxification services are provided by experts to make certain that patients get the best treatment possible. Under constant supervision by doctors, nurse and clinical staff, patients are sure to have a smooth transition into the recovery program. All that you have to do is to ensure that you do not leave the center before the set time. Make a difference in your life by joining a rehabilitation center today.

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How To Deal With Cocaine Lies And Manipulation

cocaine Addiction Lies

If there is an individual in your life, you are probably wondering how to deal with cocaine lies and manipulation he or she uses to attempt to get you to support the habit.  Many of the biggest lies the addict tells to himself are, “I am not addicted, I have this under control, my drug use is not a problem.”  Unfortunately, the individual’s addiction is likely to continue in a downward spiral unless someone cares enough to schedule a cocaine intervention.

When Does A Crack Addict Stop His Binge

As long as a crack addict has money for another hit he or she will not stop their binge.  In fact, even when the individual runs out of money he may be involved in risk taking behavior in order to get more money to continue the binge even longer.  These risk taking behaviors can cause problems with the legal system.  Withdrawal from crack starts within seconds of the last hit.  Finding another one is the addict’s way of dealing with withdrawal.

Why Do Crack Addicts Not Come Home

Crack addicts do not come home because the drug chemically alters their hierarchy of needs.  Where as an individual who is not addicted to crack places greatest value on food and shelter, followed by the need to love and be loved, the crack addict has a skewed view of the world.  Instead of what others call a basic need, in the addict’s mind, the only thing needed is the next hit of crack.  If he cannot afford crack, then he may choose any other drug that could induce a high.

Finding Hope with Cocaine Intervention

An intervention is an organized effort of family and close friends to confront the individual with his or her addiction.  The best interventions enlist the help of an interventionist to train the team and to moderate the meeting with the addict.  During the meeting, each member of the team describes how the individual’s addiction has affected them personally.  The addict is offered a chance to enter into treatment or face the consequences described by the team.  If he agrees to accept the terms, then the interventionist will escort him to the treatment facility.

Helping Someone Who Is Abusing Alcohol


Reading about 3 types of enabling alcohol use would be a great way to ensure that you are a part of the solution instead of simply becoming a part of the problem. Most people that are addicted to alcohol are able to cover this fact by simply drinking in a social setting. They will often ask friends to go out, this would provide them with a reason to get drunk. At the end of the night, having company that is also drunk would make them feel better. Also, it makes it much less likely that the people involved would be able to comment on the fact that the way they are using alcohol has gotten out of control. Two types of enabling that you want to avoid doing would be going out with friends and making them feel like excessive drinking is fine. Also, you do not want to be the friend that goes out and watches someone drink a large amount of this substance without saying anything. It is very common for people that want to be friends to buy drinks for an alcoholic, this is one of the enabling behaviors that you need to stay away from.

The purpose of alcoholic accountability would be to prevent things from getting out of control. If someone is able to drink all day on a daily basis, they are likely to take this option. However, they do not want to become responsible for the amount of problems that would become common place following this decision. When you know that a friend has become addicted to this substance, you want to hold them accountable in any way possible. If they are drinking on the job, this is something that you want to point out. If they are having problems holding a job or building relationships as a result of this substance, it would be within your best interest to tell them these things. In fact, all of this information may be something that you want to speak about during the intervention. If the person does not see the value of getting into treatment, you do not have to take no for an answer. An alcohol abuse intervention would allow you to push them into getting help they need during this hard time.

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Helpful Ideas For Coping With Panic Attacks


If you suffer from having panic attacks it is important to remember that you are not alone. There are many people of all ages that have panic attacks. This article will give you some tips on how you can manage your attacks and how to react to them.

Eating multiple small meals a day can actually help keep panic attacks away. Your body will be sensitive to any sort of disruption, so keeping yourself from feeling hungry will ensure that you’re satisfied and not searching out a meal. This is also a great way to keep your weight at a good level.

Remind yourself during a panic attack that there is nothing wrong with you, your nervous system is just sensitive and reacting to some sort of stimulus. This is only temporary and it will pass, and that you’ll survive it and have absolutely no residual problems from the way it affects your body.

During a panic attack you can be overtaken by worrisome “what if” statements, so a great way to get out of that mindset is to change them to “So what?” For example, “What if I fail my test?” turns into “SO WHAT if I fail my test?” Nothing is so bad it’s worth suffering over!

Concentrate on your navel during a panic attack. Sit or lie down and think about your navel, the center of your body. Your navel feels no tension nor pain and it is your connection to the people you love. Imagine a silver cord going from it to the person you love more than anyone else and then draw their strength through the cord into your body.

Many different people of all ages suffer from panic attacks. Rather than let it control your life you should learn to manage it. After reading the tips from the article above you should be able to control the attacks better and you will also be able to react to them in a better way.