Signs Your Child is Using Drugs

79167651When adolescents are using drugs they usually go to great lengths to hide it from their families. But there are always signs that give it away.

The Health, Behavioral and Psychological Indicators of Drug Abuse

If your instincts tells you something is going on with your son or daughter it probably is. But it may not have anything to do with drugs or alcohol, which is why you have to be very careful before jumping to conclusions or making accusations.

This list isn’t intended to be complete and definitive. However, these are some of the surest indicators of drug abuse and they are signs that you as a mom or dad cannot afford to ignore.

       Health-Related Indicators

  • Nighttime insomnia combined with frequent daytime naps.
  • Bad breath or unexplained chemical-like odors on clothing.
  • Neglect of normal grooming practices.
  • Bloodshot eyes and dilated pupils.
  • Frequent injuries or bruises that he or she can’t or won’t explain.
  • A loss of motor skills plus shakes, tremors or incoherent speech.
  • Sudden weight gain or loss.

       Behavioral Indicators

  • Rapid decline in academic performance, revealed by poor grades or reports of missed classes or school days.
  • Old friends replaced by new ones that parents have never met (and introductions are not forthcoming).
  • Missing money, valuable items or prescription pills, all of which your child had access to.
  • Loss of interest in treasured hobbies, sports or other extracurricular activities at school.
  • Secretive behavior, locked doors and excessive demands for privacy.
  • Frequently getting into fights or arguments with friends, teachers or family members.
  • A sudden affection for incense, perfume, air freshener or other odor-masking agents.

       Psychological Indicators

  • Sudden mood swings occurring on a daily basis.
  • Memory loss or difficulty in concentrating.
  • Hyperactivity or agitation without apparent cause.
  • Loss of motivation and drive along with other signs of depression.
  • Unpleasant personality changes, such as short-temperedness, defensiveness or paranoia.

One or two of these symptoms may not be cause for worry. But if several apply to your child substance abuse could very well be the problem.

The Threat is Real, Take it Seriously

All parents have a healthy fear of drugs. We know the damage they can cause in our kids’ lives, but no matter how hard we try to protect our children we know drugs are everywhere and that young people will be tempted to experiment.

So it is better to keep your eyes open and stay alert at all times, and if you do see signs of drug abuse you need to sit down and talk to your son or daughter right away. These conversations can be difficult but they are essential and it is your responsibility as a parent not to turn a blind eye to the truth.

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Meth Use And The Risk Of Schizophrenia


Evidence is growing that heavy methamphetamine use may lead to an increased risk of schizophrenia. Research indicates that patients hospitalized for meth use could face a 1.5 to 3.0-fold increased risk of being diagnosed with schizophrenia compared to users hospitalized for cocaine, alcohol or opiate dependencies. These are patients who had not previously had psychotic symptoms. Although the link has been previously discounted in many circles, new findings raise interesting questions.

Nature of the Research

Methamphetamine and other amphetamine stimulants represent the second most frequently used type of illicit substance in the world. Recent research noting the possibility of a link between heavy meth use and schizophrenia focused on comparisons to non-drug users and heavy users of other drugs. The research featured an exploration of California hospital admission records spanning ten years.

Records were examined for patients with a diagnosis of dependency on various substances. The substance dependencies included cannabis, alcohol, cocaine, opioid drugs and meth. Researchers excluded patient records if they included an existing diagnosis of schizophrenia or psychosis for the initial hospital stay. The research included a control group of patients only diagnosed with appendicitis. The research further examined records of patients in the drug groups who were readmitted with a diagnosis of schizophrenia.

How it Works

Why heavy methamphetamine use might increase the risk of schizophrenia remains unclear. One possibility is that the repeated use of the substance can trigger latent schizophrenia in individuals who are susceptible. This would happen by sensitizing the patient’s brain to dopamine, a chemical that may be associated with psychosis. Similar findings are found with heavy use of cannabis. The circumstances would only apply to heavy usage of methamphetamines and cannabis, it is noted, rather than with lighter use of a medical nature.

Repeat Studies

Since evidence is still relatively sparse, more study of the possibility is necessary. Additional research would help to confirm the results seen thus far. Long-term study of methamphetamine users is indicated, particularly follow-up studies. Further research might reveal the nature of the relationship between drug addiction and schizophrenia, perhaps leading to more effective therapies for both of these conditions.

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Addiction Treatment Options For Opioids

479705357Individuals that have received a prescription from their doctor in order to feel better physically will sometimes be given opiate-based medications that are capable of reducing their pain levels significantly. These are often given after an accident, or surgery, which can help people recover without excessive pain. However, when taken for too many weeks, it is possible that you could develop an addiction to these pain relievers. Whether you are talking about opium, opiates, or opiate based drugs such as Vicodin, Norco, or morphine, you can find a way to end your addiction to these drugs.

How To Stop Using Opiates

There are certain medications that you can take which can help you with your narcotic addiction. Suboxone is a drug that has been shown to help people get rid of their cravings for these drugs in a similar way that methadone does as well. Sometimes, however, these medications will not work which is completely dependent upon how long the person has been using, and also their genetics. Likewise, once they have stopped taking these opiate based drugs, their pain may also return.

Treatment Centers For Opium And Opiates

Opium is very addicting, and may require special treatment options that only treatment centers that focus upon opiate based drugs can help you with. It takes quite a while for those that have been using for many months, or years, to completely kick the habit. Withdrawal symptoms will definitely occur, and will require you to have extra support. Once you’re able to control your pain using other medications and therapy, with the help of treatment centers, you can also kick your opiate addiction. Stopping the use of these drugs can be extremely difficult in many cases. Hopefully you will be able to find a treatment center that can help you eliminate them from your life and control your pain as well.

Summit Behavioral Health Treats Opiate Addiction with Detoxification, Dual Diagnosis Therapy, and Personalized Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment Programs:

Summit Behavioral Health

Healthcare Insurance And The Need For Drug Treatment Services


A successful intervention strategy is just half the battle. In order to win against substance abuse and drug dependency it is important that the impaired person agrees to go to a drug rehab facility. More often than not, drug addicts are often in denial and will not agree to go to rehab. Aside from an effective intervention strategy wherein a drug dependent is made to see the impact of the destructive lifestyle, another way to persuade him or her to commit to a rehab facility is by presenting an alternative to conventional drug treatment strategies.

In Touchstone rehab for instance, the facility offers equine therapy.

Aside from the positive impact to the health and well being of the person undergoing treatment, addiction and recovery in Texas may be expected to be more cost-efficient because of the unique drug treatment facilities located in the said state. The success of Touchstone rehabilitation facility could also be attributed to how management and staff try to accommodate all types of drug dependents coming from different socio-economic background.

It is unfortunate that those who are willing to go into treatment may find themselves in a quandary upon the discovery that the family has no funds to pay for such a costly treatment program. It is therefore important to find out if the patient’s healthcare insurance policy covers substance abuse treatment. The next step is to prove that it is a medical necessity  because this would compel health insurance providers to honor the claim.

In order to fast track the paper work needed to prove medical necessity, look for drug rehab centers that work with their clients in order to justify the claim for treatment in a rehab facility. Thus, the one making the claim can prove that the said treatment service is needed to make accurate diagnosis. More importantly, the patient would be able to prove, that by availing the service of the said treatment facility ensures a higher success rate.

Medical necessity could be proven when insurers accept the explanation that the requested treatment service could provide the appropriate medical service. It has to be made clear that it is only by staying for several days inside a drug treatment center that the patient could satisfy a medical need and not just for the sake of convenience.

In order to learn more about equine therapy and the cost associated with it, use the computer’s search toolbar to search for websites with the following search terms: drug rehabs with horses, addiction and recovery in Texas – horses, Texas drug treatment insurance.

Information About Receiving The Proper Care After You Leave Rehab

If you are dealing with any sort of dependency problem, including a drug addiction or an eating disorder, you should seek treatment as soon as possible. There are a variety of rehab centers that you can choose from in today’s world. Lots of these facilities specialize in helping individuals who have a specific kind of addition; this allows them to focus on hiring doctors and psychiatrists who truly understand their patients. Selecting a rehab institution will undoubtedly be one of the most major decisions in your life. Follow the link to get more information on eating disorder clinics in California.

Each sort of rehab facility has unique treatment programs; for example, an eating disorder clinic will have different rules and regulations than a drug treatment facility. There are a few traits, however, that are the same at any rehab facility. One such trait is that once your treatment is finished, you will have to go home. For lots of individuals, this is the hardest part of rehab. In this article, you will learn about some treatment options that you can seek-out once you have finished your rehab program.

1. Some people find that continuing to go to their rehab facilities on an outpatient basis is a great option for them. This gives individuals the opportunity to continue receiving treatment from the same staff of counselors who have been there for them to this point. Most drug rehab centers and eating disorder clinics allow patients who live in the area to continue receiving outpatient treatment if they want to. There might be a time limit on how long patients can seek outpatient treatment, however.

2. Another choice for people who have just gotten out of rehab is to live in a group home. Typically, individuals are allowed to live in group homes for a specified period of time before they are required to find other living arrangements. Group homes are designed to help people who have struggled with addictions, specifically drugs, become reacquainted with society after leaving rehab. Group homes typically feature speakers and other activities on a regular basis.

3. Certain people decide that support groups are the best option for them after they are done with rehab. Some people decide to lead support groups, while other simply attend them. This is a great form of therapy for people who have struggled with all kinds of different addictions. Learn more details about the New Dawn Center.

You must be aware of the fact that recovery is a lifelong process. If you are committed to leading a healthy lifestyle that doesn’t involve addiction, it is imperative for you to get involved with an aftercare program when you finish your time in rehab.

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The Benefits Of Rehab

There are many people that face addiction to a wide variety of things daily. Though many drugs are created as a way to save us from pain, they also can be very addictive. Addiction is a very complicated process and everybody involved is just a little bit different. Drugs are not the only type of addiction people can fall into; alcohol and eating disorders are just as important and serious as any drug addiction.

People on the outside have a tough time understanding how difficult it is for someone under addiction to even begin the process of breaking their need for drugs, alcohol, or bad habits. Rehabilitation is often the best and only way to get people back to the individuals they were and to start their life on the right track. When a person goes to a New Dawn rehab center, they can expect to find a number of helpful people and benefits to get them where they want to be.

When someone is addicted to something it takes a toll on them both physical and emotionally; the emotional aspect is something that is deeply cared for at rehab centers. People suffering addiction feel like the greatest obstacle to get over is themselves. Getting over yourself is difficult when you feel that you are only focusing on the substance that controls you; in rehab therapy the focus is not on the drug, but the person, and that makes all the difference in someone’s recovery. Often times the people working in the rehabs are more than experienced with people who have gone through similar addictions as the patients they are working on. Emotional support is all about helping someone realize the good in their current and future life.

Rehab is possible on many more levels than just emotional and psychological work. Simply taking the drug or habit away from someone will not cure someone of addiction; they need to completely change the way they are running their lives. A rehab center will help individuals fix their life by taking them out of their harmful home environment. Other than the drug itself, harmful friends are the toughest thing to let go; a rehab center will be able to give people the skills to make new and safe connections with people. Because all the harmful places and people are not allowed within the confines of the rehab center, the center soon becomes a safe place for people to work with the necessary tools to get their life in order. For more information about drug rehab Bay Area, follow the link.

Patients in a rehab center will never be neglected when they need help and will always have someone to talk to if the situation gets dire or their withdrawals get out of hand for an individual. Rehab centers have many more benefits than this, but it is good to know that the overall picture of rehab is to see success in their patients.

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Solving Drug Addiction With Rehab

If you look around, you’ll find that many millions of humans are trying to overcome their drug addictions. Anyone who is trying to get themselves off of a drug addiction will have to cope with the specter of death. Luckily, our world is full of various treatment plans that are designed to help a person recover from their many issues. Anyone who is struggling with drugs will be happy to see that rehab can actually help them overcome their issues. If you are unfamiliar with how drug rehab actually works, consult the information below. For more ideas about New Dawn Chemical Dependency Programs, check out the link.

A rehab facility is any system by which a person will be able to wean themselves from drugs. The point of any rehab clinic will be to help a person develop the will power to avoid using drugs from that point forward. When someone is trying to get over their drug addiction, the best thing they can do is to be exposed to some intense therapy sessions, as well as some prescribed medications. If you’re unsure how to actually define a drug addiction, it can be thought of as the reliance on any drug or substance that has not been prescribed by a doctor.

To better understand how rehab works, we’ll examine now how rehab uses medicine and therapy to achieve results. There are many cases where someone is simply too much of an addict for the typical treatment; these people will have to go to a recovery center or other retreat. The majority of drug rehab programs you’ll find will divide patients by age and gender. Due to the fact that quitting a drug addiction cold turkey will often lead to some very painful and agonizing symptoms of withdrawal, it is quite common for a rehab center to employ a fully accredited physician. This is especially true during the first day of a patient’s stay in the rehab and recovery clinic.

As long as a patient is willing to work hard, it is possible to get rid of a drug addiction. However, for most people, it is necessary to get help from a very experienced group of people to get over the worst addictions. Without a rehab center, many drug addictions would simply be impossible. Check out the link to get more info on treatment options for eating disorders.

In terms of how well drug rehab programs work, it’s important to realize that they are very effective. Even when you are released from your rehab facility, the struggle to overcome addiction continues. If a patient wants to be sure that he does not fall back into drug use, very strong discipline must be used.

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The Importance Of Rehabilitation

Drug addiction can be one of the most painful things that someone can go through. It can destroy every single area of your life. Many people find themselves unemployed due to drug addiction. Some people lose contact with their family because of drug addiction. It can even lead you to prison. No one wants for any of these things to happen. As you are no doubt aware, however, getting clean and staying clean is a real challenge. Once drug addiction has grabbed onto you, it does not want to let go. The positive side, of course, is that you are not alone in the fight against addiction. By enrolling in drug rehabilitation, you will give yourself an excellent chance to fight your disease. Check out the link to get more information on eating disorder center of California.

There’s no reason to be intimidated by the thought of rehab. You need to get clean, and rehab can help you do it. How does rehab work? The interview is the first step in the rehabilitation process. The interview is a key building block in the rehabilitation process. The interview gives the staff the opportunity to gather information. Most of the questions will center around your past drug use. With this information, the staff will then come up with a plan that allows them to treat your addiction. Every addict is unique. You need a plan that will work for you.

In the end, be aware that recovering from addiction is your decision. Rehab is incredibly powerful, but it will not do all the work for you. You have to be truly motivated. Provided that you come in with the right attitude, rehab can be the best thing that ever happens to you. Remember, addiction is a disease.

There will be problems that may come up during your recovery. Rehab will prepare you for any problems you may face. If you want to maintain your sobriety, you need to change the way you live. Sometimes, sobriety means losing touch with old acquaintances. The important thing is that you are motivated enough to stay sober.

If you want rehab to work, you need to look at holistically. Addiction doesn’t just happen; there is a logic to it. Most of the time, an addict is not okay with who he or she is. He or she will believe that drugs are the answer to his or her problems. People develop image problems for an incredible variety of reasons. For some people, these problems can be traced back to childhood. It’s important to realize that these problems are just as much a part of the addiction as the drugs themselves. Because rehab aims to improve you as a person, it is the best way to treat addiction. Check out more info about New Dawn Recovery.

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Use Rehab To Treat An Eating Disorder

One of the most troublesome trends in our world today is the spread of eating disorders. Ever since people managed to master the art of feeding themselves, it seems like we have occasionally turned it into some sort of unhealthy compulsion. If you unfamiliar with what an eating disorder actually is, you might have your memory refreshed by hearing that bulimia and anorexia are two common forms. Life can become quite tough for anyone who has to live with these kinds of disorders. Find out more information about the New Dawn Treatment Center.

Fortunately, medical science is figuring out good ways to treat these disorders. People are now recovering from their ordeals in a way that allows them to lead a very normal life. Most cases of eating disorders are handled by sending the patient to nutritionists and a counselor. In general, if you want to get the best results from your treatment for an eating disorder, it is probably a good idea to go to rehab. If you or someone you know is dealing with an eating disorder at the moment, you’ll want to take a look at the following information to learn more about rehab.

There is one main reason to explain why rehab proves to be one of the most effective means of helping someone get over their eating disorder, and that has to do with the solitude that is found at a rehab center. The main reason to explain the rise of eating disorders tends to involve a great amount of life stress. By pulling themselves away from these horrible environments, it’s possible to start down the path toward treatment. The private rooms that most rehab centers will provide allow a patient to think about ways to improve their lives.

Rehab is also quite useful because it is a place where truly professional employees can be found who can help you improve your life. When you find yourself suffering from eating disorders, it’s critical that you have access to a number of experts. In your discussions with a number of psychologists, you’ll be able to dig down to the primary reason for your eating disorder. Plus, you’ll have access to people who have already recovered from the same problems you are having. Obviously, this can only do good. For more details about drug rehab Bay Area, follow the link.

The other reason why it can be very helpful to attend rehab to recover from an eating disorder is because you’ll have to stay until you are healthy. While an eating disorder never truly goes away, a person can have a much more satisfying life if they are able to manage their eating disorder in an acceptable way.

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