Is Non-Alcoholic Beer Safe For Recovering Alcoholics?


Whether the use of non-alcoholic beer should be used by people in recovery from alcoholism has become a topic of some debate in the recovery community. The question revolves around whether the drink is a safe substitute or whether it will trigger the obsession for the real thing despite its negligible alcohol content.

Non-alcoholic beer, some argue, could be used in social situations as a way for the alcoholic to blend in rather than feeling like the odd man out. Others do not see why it cannot be used in the same way a nicotine patch helps smokers ween off of tobacco, since it only contains 0.5 percent alcohol by volume compared with at least 4.2 percent in true beer.

There likely is no one simple answer to the near beer question, given the variety of ways alcoholism can express itself in the individual. Alcoholics experience their disease as one that is not just physical, but also one of the mind and spirit.

Rather than being a safe choice as a means of staying off the hard stuff, non-alcoholic beer could actually bring back memories of the good old days of drinking. Sight, taste, and smell are known to trigger detailed remembrances, so the taste and smell of the near beer could be a gateway to a return to problem drinking. If the alcoholic can successfully drink this, they may think that perhaps a drink of the real deal will be alright.

We at A Calming Tide: Drug, Alcohol and Behavioral Resource believe it is better to err on the side of caution. After all, non-alcoholic beer cannot truly be compared with a nicotine patch, since the patch does not need to be lit and inhaled to do its job.

For all too many alcoholics, the act of drinking such a close booze substitute is too near to the real act of drinking alcohol that the amount of alcohol in the drink is beside the point. It becomes is slippery slope that those in recovery may not be able to navigate successfully.

Recovery from alcoholism is a process that must take all aspects of the disease into serious account on a daily basis. The sight or smell of alcohol for some sufferers is enough to derail their efforts return to health and sanity. That is why many alcoholics in early recovery stay away from situations where alcohol will be available. That is why we believe non-alcoholic beer should be avoided, as well.


Relationships, Romance, & Love: The Truth About Love Addiction Treatment

Although love addiction is a a real addiction and is even a recognized addiction type in the fields of addiction and mental health. Many people truly do not understand what love addiction is, or view it as not a true form of addiction.  This addiction is one of the most misunderstood addictions of them all.  Many people tend to view it as a sex addiction, though it is an entirely different form of addiction.  To understand love addiction, there are five essential points one must be aware of.

The Process

The first point is that love addiction is a process and occurs over time.  This means that the addiction requires a psychological and physiological process to from the addiction, rather than a substance, as in drug or alcohol addiction.  Process type addictions are often discredited by many, due to the simple fact that there is not a chemical involved.  However, addictions that take place through a process, such as a love addition, are just as valid as chemical addiction.

What Is Love Addiction

Second, love addiction involves obsession and preoccupation.  In the scenario of a love addiction, the addict creates who they want their love target to be.  They do not rely on the reality of who someone really is.  The addict is compulsively obsessed with who they think the person is and their affections.

Childhood Roots

The third thing to remember about love addiction is that it has roots in the addict’s childhood.  Most addicts have suffered some kind of physical or sexual abuse during childhood.  Many have experienced rejection or abandonment by a care giver, causing deep wounds which lead to love addiction.  Love addicts are unable to see reality and live in the fantasy world, as they are insecure in their identities and their close relationships.

The Sabotage

Fourthly, love addicts further sabotage themselves by having a tendency to set their love attractions to love avoidants.  This means they search out a partner who is not emotionally available.  This leads to a viscous cycle of the love addict chasing their emotionally closed off love interest and being rejected.

There Is Help

Finally, it is important to know that recovery from love addiction is possible with the right help.  Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous (SLAA) exists to help people address their issues in this area with a 12-step program involving sponsors.  Professional support is also available.

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Relationships, Romance, & Sex

Ways To Find Alcohol Abuse Treatment Centers Near You


Are you currently drinking too much alcohol every day? Are you thinking that there is the chance that you might be an alcoholic? If you are, you might want to consider checking into a rehab clinic so that you can get the help that you need. Many people will try to stop drinking on their own, but this may only work for a limited time. It’s virtually impossible to do this alone if you have been an alcoholic for many years. Here are the best ways to find reputable them alcohol abuse rehab centers that can help you out.

What Is Alcohol Abuse?

Alcohol abuse is simply a state in which you are unable to control your intake of alcohol. You may find that it is necessary to continue drinking, even if you are relaxed. Being in a state of inebriation is the only way that you can participate throughout the day. You may find that this leads to large problems including losing your job, your family, and everything else that you own or love.

Locating A Treatment Center

If you are suffering from alcohol and drug abuse, you can find alcohol abuse treatment centers in most cities across the country. The effects of alcohol abuse can play a large toll on your life. By working with individuals that will be able to help you through this difficult time, you will be able to get your life back on track with their help. Simply search the Internet, or talk to a friend that you know and trust, someone who may have also been in your position. You will be able to utilize their expertise, helping you to get off the wagon, and your life back on track without needing another drink ever again.

Locating The Nearest Alcohol Abuse Treatment Center


Do you currently suffer from alcohol abuse? Are you trying to find a way to end your addiction? This is a problem that is running rampant through our society today, and many people do not know who to turn to in order to get help.

There are many signs of alcoholism that you may notice with those around you, or even with yourself, if you happen to have that problem as well. Here are some alcohol facts that you should know to help you discern whether or not you have this addiction.

Alcohol Addiction Facts

The first thing you should realize about someone that has an alcohol addiction is that they are unable to function throughout the day without having a drink. They may become excessively moody, dysfunctional, or even angry as a result of not having alcohol in their system.

Conversely, if they do have alcohol, it can also affect their personality in a negative way. If any of these symptoms are related to you, or people that you know, it might be time to check into and alcohol abuse treatment center.

Alcohol Abuse Treatment Centers

What you want to do now is find a treatment center that can help you with your alcohol abuse problem. You can check into some of these facilities where you can get the help that you need. Alcoholism is a problem but many people have, but they are unwilling to do something about it because they’re afraid of how much it will cost.

Some of them will cost money, and depending upon your location, many of them may be free. You will have to check online to find which ones are available and have openings. Once you have found one, set an appointment, and get this taken care of as soon as possible for your own sake, and the sake of your family as well.

Stop The Problem Now – Live Happy, Healthy, and Free


The consequences of drug and alcohol addiction may seem like an endless pit of darkness. Everything feels wrong and upsetting. For those who want to go back to their normal lives or start something new, it can be a struggle to find hope, especially after being hooked to substances for many years. The truth is, there is hope. There is a way out of the darkness. There are drug and alcohol intervention services today that are customized to the needs of their patients. After treatment, they can live happy, healthy and free.

It’s Time for a Change

If you have a friend or a family member who is going through the stressful life of substance addiction, you need to do your part. You can ask for help and start a family addiction intervention program for your loved one. This strategy has been proven effective because it makes people feel special, important and cared for. It is quite simple but the results are remarkable. By working as a family, the process of healing is done in a calming way, without making the person feel restrained.

The Importance of Effective Intervention

Some substance abusers who have completed their past rehabilitation treatments tend to go back to their old habits due to several factors. Firstly, not all rehabilitation programs are the same. Sadly, some of them are even ineffective. It is important to know what the needs of patients are so they can be addressed properly. A customized treatment with the help of rehabilitation experts and one’s family can be very powerful compared to the old methods used by most rehabilitation centers. This is because abusers need professional monitoring, proper treatment and help from their family members for them to quit their old lifestyles.

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Best Ways To Achieve Addiction Recovery From Alcohol

497270859Alcohol is one of the most used substances in the world in regard to unwinding at the end of the day. Although most people will drink alcohol in moderation, depending upon the state of a person’s life, they may drink more than they should. Just as narcotics can become addicting, so also can alcohol. If you are addicted to alcohol, or if you know someone that is a candidate for addiction recovery, here are a few tips on how to deal with alcohol withdrawal symptoms, and a few alcohol facts that you should know if you are looking for an alcohol rehab center in your area.

Treating Those With Alcohol Addiction

Regardless of who you are, if you are addicted to alcohol, you may need to find help right away. You will know if you are addicted if you simply need to have a drink to process your daily life, or feel like you can deal with the stress of everyday living. Alcohol addiction is very common, and millions of people do have this problem. The first step is realizing that you have it, and then deciding to get help. There are many alcohol treatment centers in most metropolitan areas, and even in rural areas as well. Here are a few of the best ways to find these rehab centers to get the treatment that you need.

Treatment Centers For Alcohol Addiction

The easiest way to get treatment for alcohol addiction is to talk to friends or family members that have also gone through this very troubling time in their life. Some people will join groups like Alcoholics Anonymous, or other treatment centers in the area, that can gradually wean them off of alcohol drinking. Being an alcoholic is never fun, and it can dramatically affect your life. If you feel that you need to drink less, or if you know someone that also needs this type of help, you can check the web, your phonebook, or simply ask your doctor about getting treatment for alcohol addiction as soon as possible.

Celebrities and Drugs

Alcohol Abuse

478234053The term alcohol abuse is a pattern of drinking that results in harm to one’s own health, your relationship with other people or your ability to work. A 2005 study state that alcohol abuse is linked to suicide, mostly in men of age who have a history in drinking and suffer from depression. A person may manifest alcohol abuse if they don’t fulfill their responsibilities at work, school or home as they would normally. They may recur to dangerous drinking whilst operating machinery or behind the wheel of a vehicle. Alcohol abuse can lead to alcohol dependence, which can be diagnosed according to the DSM-5 Manual as Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD). This diagnosis of AUD includes a clinical severity of the dependence, graded from moderate to severe cases with at least 2 criteria to make the diagnosis. Whilst teenagers who fall into a 2 or 3 criteria according to the DSM-5 manual they fall into alcohol abuse category, but if they meet a 4 criteria, then it is because they have developed alcohol dependency.

There are many interconnected factors that can influence on how we drink and whether we have the tendency of becoming an alcoholic. These include our genetics, perhaps how were we raised, the social environment, your emotional health. There are even some racial groups that are more at risk of developing alcohol dependence than others, such as the American Indians and the Native Alaskans. In most cases, people who have a family history of alcoholism or keep heavy drinkers as close pub friends are more likely to develop drinking problems themselves.

It’s hard to see when your drinking habits have gone from a moderate or social level to problem drinking. But if you find yourself drinking to cope with your problems, if you drink to avoid feeling bad about something, then you have stepped onto a slippery slope. Alcohol abuse can sneak up on you without you being aware of it, so it is important to notice the signs of alcoholism and take steps to curb your drinking when you recognize the signs. Understanding the problem is the first step to overcoming it.