Seeking Treatment for Alcohol and Prescription Drug Abuse


By themselves, addictions to prescription drugs or to alcohol are dangerous habits in their own rights; when the two addictions are running concurrently, you have all of the dangers of the individual addictions doubled.

Take a look at a prescription bottle — it can really be any prescription. The warning label specifically says do not mix with alcohol… this is true for almost all prescription drugs, as not only can the affects of the drugs be increased by the consumption of alcohol, but there is a wide range of other risks associated with the mixing of drugs and alcohol.

Of the biggest risks of mixing prescription drugs with alcohol, is the risk of heart failure, suppressed breathing, seizures, and death. There are many cases of people that are abusing both prescription drugs and alcohol going to sleep and never waking up again — is often attributed to asphyxia, suppressed breathing, and heart failure. One of the most famous cases of this is in the case of Jimi Hendrix’ death, which was directly attributed to mixing alcohol with prescription drugs. Hendrix mixed Rx drugs and wine, passed out, and never woke up again.

There are many other famous deaths attributed to alcoholism, and prescription pills — in Hollywood and in the rest of the United States the problem is reaching epidemic proportions. Prescription drug abuse is not so prevalent in the United States that the government has recently called for increased awareness and measures to be taken against the abuse of prescription drugs. While these policies may take years or even decades to reach the majority of Americans, there are still the estimated tens of thousands of Americans that are suffering from Rx drug abuse right now.

If you are abusing prescription drugs, alcohol, or both concurrently, it is a very dangerous situation. Don’t let an overdose from drugs and alcohol be in your future, seek treatment for alcohol and drug abuse today, while there is still time.

Seeking Treatment for Alcohol and Prescription Drug Abuse?

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