Lithium Treatment For Bipolar Disorders


Bipolar Disorder, which used to be called manic depression, is a difficult condition that affects  moods in a dramatic way. Sometimes the person will suffer from depression, when their mood is extremely low and they feel lethargic and unable to motivate themselves in any way. At other times their mood will swing completely to the other end of the spectrum and the person becomes incredibly active and their mood is very high, but this is above normal levels and is referred to as mania. This is a specialist area and treatment needs to be adjusted for each individual but Lithium For Bipolar Disorder is the preferred medication.

Lithium For Bipolar Disorder is effective as it works on both parts of the problem. It reduces the mania in both intensity and frequency but also helps to ward off the depression. Lithium has been around for many years but it still isn’t clear exactly how it actually works but it certainly does help to stabilize mood and behavior. It is however a strong medication and anyone taking it should be monitored carefully with regular blood tests to ensure their kidneys and thyroid continue functioning normally. It can also take some weeks for the full effect of Lithium to become apparent. It is important that anyone taking it realizes that there will be a delay before they feel an improvement otherwise they are likely to stop their medication before it has had a chance to work.
The dose will vary between individuals but it is always advised to ensure the person drinks adequate amounts of water to keep them hydrated whilst on this medication. They should also stick to a normal amount of salt in their diet as this can also alter Lithium levels.

Whilst there seems to be a lot of points to consider, overall the outcome for people taking Lithium is very good and their mood stabilizes and levels out. They should be encouraged to continue taking their medication at regular intervals and only alter the dose if their doctor is monitoring them.

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